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About RF Custom...

RF Custom is run by myself, Rob Fleet..

For 18 years I worked as the production manager and the main guitar finisher for the Sims Spray Shop in Kent. 


During my many years at Sims I not only re-sprayed guitars and basses for the general public, but also worked closely with many UK luthiers who don't have the space and ability to do their own spray work. Understandably many luthiers prefer to spend there time making the best guitars and basses they can, so out source the spray work side to a specialist company.

I have also been cnc machining since 2006 and have been involved in many projects over this time. My cnc work has not only focused on bespoke dream guitars for customers, but has also involved prototyping for new start up guitar companies. Once prototype models are made they are usually then taken to larger factories for mass production purposes.

RF Custom offers many services, from custom pickguard manufacturing, to bespoke custom bodies and necks. We also offer more specialist work like guitar and bass prototyping and custom builds. The main bulk of our work here at RF Custom however is custom spray work. Whether its a change of colour to your favorite guitar, or you want something that stands out while on stage, we can help.

Whatever your guitar needs, I'm sure we can help. Just send over you enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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