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If you are after a new guitar body or neck, then we can help.. All our bodies and necks are made on a modern CNC machine to the highest standard.


Many options are available, so if you didn't want the 'standard vintage' option for your body, we can offer different pickup routings, modern rear routed options or even a hardtail option, to name a few.

If there is something in particular you are after, then just drop us an email with some specs and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Neck 1.jpg
Neck 5.jpg
Body 2.jpg
Neck 2.jpg

We are able to offer many different body shapes, all mapped out and originated from true vintage instruments. Apart from the standard S type and T type bodies, We're able to offer offset JM style bodies and others.. For you bass players out there, we can offer true vintage shaped P and J bodies also.

When it comes to necks, there are even more options available, from a range of different back profiles, frets sizes and even different machinehead size holes.

We mainly use Alder and Swamp Ash timber for our bodies, but there are other options available depending on budget and requirements. When it comes to necks, we usually use hard rock maple. This is usually slab sawn, but quartersawn is sometimes available. Other neck timber options are usually available too.

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