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Our spraywork gallery page shows a small selection of work that has been done over the past year, plus a few artwork airbrush jobs that were done a few years back, that I was involved with.

Over the years I have undertaken many spray jobs for professional touring musicians as well as spraying for a lot of UK luthiers. The bulk of my spray work over the years however has been for the general public, who sometimes just fancied a change of colour, or restoring an old guitar back to its glory days, or even fully customising it with artwork or decals to stand out on stage.

Some of the artists I have sprayed for include, Peter Frampton, Luke Morley ( Thunder ), Stefan Olsdal ( Placebo ), Dougie Poynter ( McFly ), Justin Hawkins ( The Darkness ), Dave Swift ( Jools Holland Band ), Norman Watt-Roy ( The Blockheads ) and Leo Lyons ( 10 Years After ) to name just a few.

I have also worked and still work closely with many companies that need specalised spray work, these include, The Brian May guitar company, The Bass Centre, The Gallery, Feline Guitars, Carillion Guitars and Stormshadow Guitarworks. I have also undertaken many jobs for Fender Europe in the past, one of which included 50 guitars resprayed for the 2012 London Olympics and a more recent one was the 'Toon' guitar sprayed in July 2022 for Sam Fender, which he played at his huge gig at Finsbury park.

If you have a spray shop enquiry, just go to our contact page and fill in your details. We will get back to you as soon as we can with a quote and are more than happy to help.

Metal Flake SG.jpg
Sam Fender - Jazzmaster.jpg
Candy Apple Red_edited.jpg
Stormshadow - Blue 2.jpg
Stormshadow - Black 1.jpg
Feline Lion 2.jpg
Feline Lion 1.jpg
Red Les Paul.jpg
Stormshadow - Blue 1.jpg
Whitagram-Image (1).JPG
IMG_2596 (1).jpg
Swirled Jem.jpg

Swirled artwork done by Richard Fay Swirls.
Durable clear top coat by RF Custom.

IMG_2603 (1).jpg
Feline Lion Collection.jpg

A selection of 30th anniversary Feline Lion guitars we sprayed during the summer of 2022

For many more images of spraywork past and present, please have a look at my Facebook and Instagram pages.

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